This is a Wetherby that snapped when the sling pin got caught on a sand bag when fired. It was pinned, glued, doweled and fiberglass reinforced.   


Gun Stock Repair and Restoration is our business. Nicks, chips, dents, cracks and peeling finishes have a devastating effect on the value and appearance of your firearm.
We repair and restore gun stocks without stripping, steaming, or removing the original finish. All of which can have as much effect on the value of your firearm as the original damage itself. Professional restoration and repair is an acceptable form of value enhancement while complete refinishing can destroy the value.
From newer to older, less expensive to valuable. We provide an undetectable service that is affordable for all gun owners. We have repaired gun stocks across the country. We assist gun owners in regaining pride, buyers and sellers pay less for firearms and sell for more.

Our Business

What makes our business different than others is we focus on maintaining the original quality, color and finish. Others strip, fill and refinish. This affects the value on all Firearms. Anyone with little skill and a spray can, can do this, usually with disappointing results. Many will attempt to raise a dent or scratch with steam. This process opens the pores of the wood and results in a repair that is darker than the original color and creates a different grain pattern. Our process utilizes a lacquer patching method that matches the original color, attaches itself to the original finish and is as durable as the original finish without extending the repair past the damaged section. This method is an age old repair and restoration process  used only by professional trained craftsmen.

Who We Are

We constantly repair Gun Stocks for people throughout the country. We travel throughout Wisconsin repairing Stocks at Gun Shops, and Gun Clubs. As an exclusive to the Bob and Rocco Gun Shows, we travel throughout Wisconsin, repairing gun stocks on site at these events. The see a listing of where we will be next, click on the 'Gun Shows' link above.

​We do not accept complete firearms. Stocks and forearms must be disassembled prior to shipping. If the damage is a chip or crack at the front of the stock where it meets the receiver or any metal, the barrel must be removed. The stock and receiver should be shipped to ensure proper fitting of repair. We return ship via FedEx. Average shipping costs are $20. This charge includes a $499 insurance coverage. If you need the item insured for more, a $10 per $500 in coverage will apply. Please note; any item insured for more than $499 will require a signature at the time of delivery. This charge is in addition to your service quote.

To ensure we know when a piece is being sent to us, we do not include our shipping address on this site. If you need to send us an item for repair, please contact us for complete quotes and shipping instructions. Thank you.    


Hi Paul,
I wanted you to know how impressed I am with your products.  I have been cleaning and repairing stocks for more than 20 years, always using store bought products.  I was never 100% happy with the results, which were always soooo time consuming  Not only am I getting the old patina look with your products, but it is so easy and 
fast to work with. I got that devastating crack to disappear in 20 minutes. I will order more soon.
Thanks again!
Anthony V

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